Big Data for Big Purchases

Vast is the leading provider of Big Data for Big Purchases™

Vast provides its decision-making tools to customers and sellers in the midst of complicated purchases. Through Fortune 500 publishers such as Bing, Yahoo, USAA, Southwest, and AOL, Vast supports consumers through the lengthy sales cycles involved in the biggest monetary decisions of their lives: their homes, their cars, and their vacations.

For Consumers

“Which is the best home for my family? What other homes should I consider that are real bargains in the market if I am willing to live slightly farther away from the center of town?”

“I found a car on the Internet I really like. What is unique about this car? Should I be looking at other cars? Help me find more good choices.”

Vast blends powerful real-time personalized analysis of local market trends with massive inventory and relevant data from the Automotive, Real-Estate, and Travel industries. Whether a consumer is selecting their dream car on Bing, falling in love with their next home on USAA, or deciding where to take their weekend getaway on Southwest - the right choice is powered by Vast.

For Car Dealers, Real Estate Agents and Other Industry Professionals

“What makes this car unique? How much difference does it make that it is a 1 owner vehicle? Can I find something that is similar within the same pricing band?”

“What are the key points that I should focus on when discussing this house with my client? What other homes should I show the client given their needs and choices so far?”

Vast takes the same personalized analysis and combines it with behavioral insights built by helping thousands of customers every day. Vast is guiding industry professionals to make the right choice about their product and customer relationships based on real-time data and market trends.

Big Data for Big Purchases™:

Vast’s enterprise platform has been architected to support the needs of the largest companies in the world, built from the ground up for the age of data-driven decision making. Vast planted our roots in Big Data from the very beginning by focusing on mastering the volume, velocity and variability of massive data in Automotive, and Travel. Today, Vast accesses the largest sources of new and used cars, homes for sale or rent, and accommodation options. Into this we synthesize third party data and historical behavioral information. The core of the Vast platform - Vast Analytics™ - assesses every transaction, learning from the interactions between buyers and sellers to continually improve how consumers and sellers are served with offers and product information. The flexibility of our platform enables Vast to continually expand within our individual partner sites - leveraging Big Data to provide unique experiences for their visitors.

For more information about the Vast platform, please contact us.

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