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  • We provide the highest quality leads
  • It is fast, easy, and free to participate
  • You only pay when your promotions work

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Dealers are reaching over 15 million car shoppers on the Vast Network.


Vast powers automotive marketplaces on the leading publisher and portal websites. Our mission: Match every shopper to a specific car and a responsive dealer.

  • We power world-class publisher portals who serve highly qualified, lower funnel car shoppers with a trusted shopping experience.
  • The top search results on a Vast powered website are the listings most likely to appeal to the user, not just the dealer who paid us the most.
  • We only benefit when we provide you a high quality lead. Vast and our partners continually refine and improve our lead conversion and lead verification processes to ensure you are happy with your leads and come back for more.


We work with your current partners to integrate seamlessly into your existing processes, thus requiring no additional effort from you.

  • There is no cost to participate in the Vast network of websites. And you receive free leads just for listing with us. Most dealers request that their marketing partners send their feed to us, or you can send us a feed directly.
  • We work with your existing partners so that they can help you manage your inventory and your promotions on the Vast network. For more information about specific inventory and marketing partners click here and complete the information request form.
  • Each lead from the Vast network is for a single VIN. That means the lead goes to you and only you. We deliver your leads to you via your existing email and phone lead tracking systems.

Measurable ROI

Vast’s transparent marketplace allows dealers to list for free, then promote listings in search results on a pay-for-performance basis.

  • You can promote your inventory by boosting cars or groups of cars in the search results.
  • You don’t pay for the promotion itself, you only pay when you receive a lead on the promoted car.
  • Your existing marketing partner can help you optimize your marketing spend so that you will sell more cars for less marketing budget. We can also direct you to a Vast partner who can help. For more information, click here and complete the information request form.

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