Website owners:

Help for End-users

Who do I contact if I am interested in a listing?

Click on the search results to go to the dealer, broker, agent, home page, or blog from which the data has been extracted – the contact information for the owner of the listing will be included in the complete description.

How do I post a listing?

Right now, Vast.com doesn’t directly accept individual listings. If you have a lot of listings, we’d love for you to submit a feed. If you have an individual listing, post it on one of the sites from which we aggregate content. Good places to put it would be:

I clicked on a listing and didn’t get to an ad, or the ad was expired. What’s up?

Due to the tens of millions of users on Vast.com partner websites, many of our listings are sold or rented quickly. Although we update listings constantly, there is a chance a listing was not updated before you clicked on it. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. Please tell us about it when you find these so we can improve our systems.

I’m seeing ads in weird categories. Why is that?

Our automated systems are constantly improving, but every once in a while we do miscategorize something. If you come across one, please let us know.

I’m confused. Help!

Email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Help for Website Owners

How do I submit listings to Vast?

Vast receives listings via partner feeds and web crawl. You can ensure the accuracy and quality of your listings by submitting a feed directly to us, which will improve the quality of the consumer contacts we send to you. Please visit our Content Submission page for information on submitting content.

Why do I want Vast to include my listings?

Through the Vast.com network of partners such as Kelley Blue Book, Yahoo, and Overstock.com, Vast will expose your listings to millions of users worldwide. We power a large number of sites across the web which attract users interested in the specific verticals we index. The proof is in the pudding – Vast traffic converts better than any other source on the web. The Vast platform is best way to get your listings in front of your target customers in autos, real estate, and travel. For more information, click here.

My site isn’t in your index!

Sorry we missed it! We’d like to know about it; tell us about it via email or send your feed to us directly: Submit a Feed

You’re missing some but not all of my listings.

If your listings have been indexed by our crawler, it’s possible we haven’t been back since new listings were added. Email us directly to report the problem, or submit a feed to help make sure your listings are up-to-date and accurate.

How do I expire a listing?

Crawled listings will automatically expire 45 days after we find them. For feeds, new feed files completely supersede prior feed files, so simply make sure that every feed we get from you has all the listings you want on Vast.com.

How do I stop Vast.com from crawling my site?

If you do not wish to be included in our search or our partners’ search, insert the following line into your robots.txt file:

User-Agent: OmniExplorer_Bot
Disallow: /

I don’t want to stop you. Can I just slow you down?

You can add a crawl-delay parameter to your robots.txt file, and we will respect it up to 5 seconds. (Beyond that it becomes too inefficient for us to crawl your site.) Please let us know before instituting any blocks. The following would create a 2 second delay.

User-Agent: OmniExplorer_Bot
Crawl-delay: 2

Do you charge for adding listings?

We believe listing on the Internet should be free, since users should be able to find your content if they are looking for it. You can pay to increase your visibility and receive more leads or visitors, however – just contact us.

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