Fill your beds, your way, at a cost you control

  • Pay what it's worth to you to fill your rooms and not a penny more.
  • Get your inventory in front of customers who are ready to buy, directly from you.
  • Compete for customers before they decide where they want to travel.

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Fill your beds, your way, at a cost you control.

The Most Efficient Travel Distribution Model on the Internet

  • Syndicate your listings to Vast for free, either directly or through Vast’s partners and pay for performance to deliver the results you want.
  • The only bid model in travel that allows you to pay more when you need to fill your rooms and pay less when you don’t.
  • Flexibility to pay via booking, inquiry, click or impression or whatever your systems support.
  • Rich data and tools that allow you to optimize your spend across just about any dimension you care about.

A Broad Network of Ready Buyers

  • With its publisher partners, Vast has put together a ready audience of buyers who are ready to book your inventory on your site.
  • Unique features on each of our publisher partners opens up more opportunities to market and differentiate your inventory from the crowd.

Reach Customers While They Are Still Deciding

  • Because Vast is the only search engine that allows users to search real inventory and real pricing without knowing their travel dates or destination, we can help you reach them before they decide where to go or stay.
  • Powerful search and advertising filters allow you to market your inventory as specifically (“beach hotels that are pet friendly and have a pool”) or as widely (“luxury hotels”) as you want.
  • Market your inventory, deals and opportunities through our integrated widgets throughout our publisher sites.
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