A Proven Leader in the Mortgage Industry

HomeStory is an end-to-end buying service that integrates every aspect of home buying from discovery, lending, agent selection and analytics directly on a lender’s site. Our nationwide network of real estate agents provides a world-class experience and cash back to consumers. For the first time, banks can now compete on a complete experience vs. just a rate.


A World Class Agent Network

Partnering with the largest real estate franchise in the world.

  • Named the #1 training organization across all industries in the world
  • Outpaces the industry on closed sales volume growth by more than 1.5X
  • Committed to ensuring the continued relationship between the bank and 
their customer

Program requires agents:

  • Two or more years of full-time residential real estate experience
  • Generated a minimum of 20 real estate transactions for the preceding 
 24 months
  • Complete Keller Williams Buying Service training
  • Maintain greater than 90% customer satisfaction

What Makes Us Unique



The largest home buying service in the country, driving over 200K closes in the last 5 years



Integrated solution, with complete visibility from search-to-close, that ties the financial answer to home search



Delivered over 500,000 leads with an 85% placement rate. Of those 36% resulted in a new home purchase


Integrated Home Discovery Experience



Your members join the program, and get set up with top local agents.


An on-site national real estate search portal (90% MLS coverage) integrates mortgage products, including pre-qual, into home search process.


Provides transparency to the bank as agents work with customers to find and purchase a home.


Program enrollees are rewarded with up to $6,500 cash back at closing.

HomeStory Benefits Everyone in the Ecosystem

Banks Win

Banks capture more business AND get visibility into the entire process.

Agents Win

Agents get high quality leads and better visibility through the entire process.

Customers Win

Customers receive a great home buying experience and cash back bonus.

Learn More About the HomeStory Solution

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